In our recent podcast chat, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Simon Dixon, the co-founder of Dixon Baxi, a powerhouse branding agency known for its cutting-edge creativity and innovative approach to design. Our conversation was a real eye-opener, packed with insights into the world of branding and creativity, all delivered in Simon’s down-to-earth style.

One of the biggest themes we explored was the importance of authenticity in branding. Simon stressed the need for brands to be real and honest with their audience, emphasising that today’s consumers can spot a fake from a mile away. We discussed how Dixon Baxi takes this approach to heart, ensuring that every brand they work with stays true to its values and connects with its audience on a genuine level.

We also delved into the topic of client selection, something that Dixon Baxi takes very seriously. Simon shared with me the agency’s philosophy of prioritising cultural fit over everything else, even if it means saying no to big-money projects. For Dixon Baxi, it’s all about working with clients who share their values and vision, creating partnerships that are built to last.

Creativity was another hot topic of our conversation. Simon shared his thoughts on how to keep the creative juices flowing, even in the face of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasised the importance of collaboration and staying connected with your team, even if it’s through a screen. We also talked about the role of diversity in creativity, with Simon highlighting the value of having a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Of course, no conversation about branding would be complete without discussing the future of the industry. Simon shared his thoughts on where branding is headed, including the growing importance of digital and the rise of purpose-driven brands. We also talked about the role of technology in shaping the future of branding, from AI-powered design tools to virtual reality experiences.

As our conversation came to a close, Simon shared some words of wisdom for aspiring creatives. He stressed the importance of staying true to yourself, being persistent, and never being afraid to take risks. It was a truly inspiring chat, and I’m grateful to Simon for sharing his insights with me.

So, if you’re interested in branding, creativity, or just want some solid advice from one of the industry’s leading experts, I highly recommend giving our chat a listen. It’s packed with valuable insights that are sure to inspire and motivate you on your own creative journey. Let’s keep building better brands together!

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