If you haven’t heard of Alex Hormozi… where have you been?

Ok, so you know how eeeeeeeveryone is using those cool subtitles in different colours on videos lately (even I’m going to be jumping on that bandwagon) well Alex was first person to do that.

He also has a portfolio of companies worth over $100M along with his wife Leila. He knows a thing or 2 about helping brands and businesses scale profitably, hence me sharing this with you.

Anyway, I bought a copy of Alex’s Book $100M Offers and was blown away by the advice in there. So naturally I’ve registered to get a copy of his next book.

And you can get access too.

Alex has a Free live Virtual Event on 19th August 2023

He’ll be launching his new book – $100M Leads

And as I’m invited – you’re invited. Cool right!

👇🏽 If you want a copy before it sells out – be there live. 👇🏽


Alex Hormozi is a huge advocate of wanting to make real business education accessible to everyone.

And am I

Which I why I wanted to give you a heads up on this event.

This is 4 years in the making – I think it’s going to be huge.

I’ve no idea what other goodies await us but I’m excited to find out!

Hopefully see you there 🙋🏽

If you do sign up and manage to grab a copy, let me know. Maybe we can compare notes 😉