Helping an organisation take care of business


Spigner Solutions, which launched in August 2019, had not had time to build any visuals for its business. Spigner Solutions assists organisations in the home healthcare market in the United States with management, strategic direction, recruiting, and development. As a result, establishing a professional brand was critical in instilling trust with clients and partners. After approaching DCC, we agreed that developing a logo and visual identity was essential.


Brand positioning, research, logo concepts, and design of the visual brand identity system were all part of the engagement. DCC assisted Spigner Solutions in examining what distinguishes their firm and creating a slogan “Keeping an eye on your business” to reinforce their approach and care while working with organisations.


The end result was the comprehensive branding of Spigner Solutions, with a clever touch included in the logo—the usage of an abstract mark containing the letter ‘S’ for Spigner as well as a subtle eye, which supports the tagline – “keeping an eye on your business”. With a strong brand in place, making decisions about the firm’s future marketing is much easier, and it will further establish the organisation as a genuine professional corporation.