Pumping up a Brand for maximum growth


In early 2022, James, the founder of JDB Strength and Conditioning, realised that his brand was no longer aligned with his business values and offerings. He had created a logo using Canva, but it did not reflect the essence of his brand. The logo was generic and did not stand out in the competitive health, wellness and fitness industry. James wanted to elevate his brand and position himself as a premium fitness and coaching provider to attract more clients and grow his business.


JDB Strength and Conditioning sought help from DCC (Danielle Clarke Creative), who recommended a strategic approach to rebranding their business. Instead of jumping straight into the visual elements of the brand, we conducted an in-depth analysis of JDB Strength and Conditioning’s strengths, weaknesses, competitors, and target audience. As well as identifying the unique selling proposition (USP) and the brand’s personality traits.


We collaborated closely with JDB Strength and Conditioning throughout the process, taking the founder through several strategy workshops and discussing brand positioning options. The client found the process insightful and exciting, as it gave them clarity on where they wanted the business to go and how they could differentiate themselves from competitors. However, he admits that as an action taker, he found the back and forth challenging at times, but he appreciated DCC’s attention to detail and commitment to delivering a remarkable brand experience.

Following completion of the brand strategy, which also saw the business name change from JDB Strength & Conditioning to The Body Fix Coach; we designed a new logo, established new brand colours, typography, and brand messaging. We presented 3 options to The Body Fix Coach and refined the chosen option until our client was happy.

Result: After launching the rebrand in mid-2022, The Body Fix Coach has seen an exponential growth of 450% in revenue, going from turning over £400 per month to almost £3000 per month. James attributes the growth to the new brand, which has elevated his business and made it more attractive to clients. He also appreciates the consistency and professionalism that the new brand brings to his business. James recommends anyone considering a rebrand or brand strategy to talk to DCC, as we helped him achieve his business goals and aspirations.