As consumers, we’ve all come across companies that claim to have certain values such as honesty and integrity. However, how often do we actually see these values put into practice? More often than not, these values are just empty words with no real meaning behind them.

This is where the story of a recent encounter with a company looking for a presentation design comes in. The company approached us, to help them modernise and brand the deck. However, after reviewing the company’s existing presentation, we noticed that the branding was inconsistent and lacking in and real identity. They didn’t have a proper logo, a colour palette, or fonts that were consistent.

It would have been easy for us to take the existing presentation and simply make it look better by adding the logo and tidying it up. However, we knew that this wasn’t the right approach for the company. They needed a brand identity that was consistent and would be reflected across all their marketing collateral, including their website and social media.

Despite the potential to make quick cash, we turned down the opportunity to work with the company. As one of our core values is integrity and honesty, we just couldn’t compromise on what was best for the business. Instead, we’ve advised the company on the importance of having a clear, memorable, and strong brand identity that will attract clients and stand the test of time.

This decision wasn’t about losing out on work or money. It was about doing what was right and helping the business achieve its long-term goals. It’s easy to take shortcuts and offer quick fixes, but that’s not what we pride ourselves on. We believe in doing things properly and putting our values into practice.

This story serves as a reminder that having values isn’t just about talking the talk, it’s about walking the walk. It’s about putting those values into practice even when it’s not the easy option. It’s about doing what’s right for the long-term success of a business, not just for short-term gain. So, the next time you hear a company talking about their values, ask yourself, are they really putting them into practice?