In episode #68 of the Build Better Brands podcast, I (Danielle Clarke), and Caroline McQueen talked about why it’s important to look at the big picture when building brands. We explained that brands aren’t just about how they look, but also about how they make people feel. Caroline’s company, Impulsive, thinks about all the ways people interact with brands, not only what they see.

Everything a brand does, like its website or social media posts, should fit together like puzzle pieces. This makes it easier for people to understand what the brand is all about. Caroline mentions how small businesses sometimes have a hard time because they don’t have a lot of money to try new things, but she encouraged them to be creative and take risks.

Another big topic was technology, especially how things like augmented reality can change the way people buy things. We also talked about how important it is for a brand to have a consistent look and feel. This means everything from the logo to the ads should all feel like they’re from the same place.

More and more brands are trying to be responsible and do good things for the world. When brands care about things like the environment or being fair to workers, it can make people like them even more. When we understand why brand (and the people behind the brands), do the things they do, it helps brands connect with them better.

In the end, Caroline and I agreed that building a brand is about more than having a pretty logo. It’s about understanding people, using technology in smart ways, and doing the right thing. That’s how brands can make a difference and stand out from the crowd. There’s a real need for businesses to stay true to their strengths and brand values. Which highlights the importance of authenticity when it comes to brand development.

This podcast episode with Caroline McQueen offers a truly comprehensive exploration of the power of holistic branding, the intersection of strategy and design, the impact of technology, and the importance of ethical considerations in brand development. By leveraging psychology, and having a strategic approach to branding, businesses can create meaningful connections with their audiences and ultimately build better brands.

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