Creating a brand new chapter


Back To Books contacted DCC to create a brand worthy of its goals. Back To Books is a Birmingham-based independent bookstore on a mission to present unique perspectives and communicate various narratives to a wider audience. An organization dedicated to giving diverse and underrepresented writers a platform. Back To Books hired DCC to design its logo, brand identity, print advertising campaign, and stationery.


The goal was to develop a brand that represented their wide choice of books with an emphasis on access and representation. We developed a variety of initial design concepts, before moving on to colour considerations, and typeface exploration.

DCC created the initial marketing components, such as business cards, collateral materials, and merchandise, after developing the brand identity.


A logo which (if you look closely) unifies ‘books’, ‘love’ and the letter ‘B’ whilst encompassed in the pink, blue and purple hues of the Pride Flag. 15 posters were distributed across Birmingham City Center as part of the campaign, which ran during the Birmingham Literature Festival. Back To Books received a large number of new Instagram followers as well as a plethora of marketing materials to help promote their brand.